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What did Trajan think about here, in his home on the Aventine, before he became emperor?
And how did Hadrian – who also lived on this legendary hill – feel, as he watched his city grow?
We don’t know, but they both contemplated the same sunsets as we do, and they trod this soil, which even today speaks of their tastes, their lifestyle and their private lives.

The Collection lies at the prestigious heart of the Domus Aventino project.
Penthouses and apartments chosen so you can experience the elation of living in Rome, every single day.

If this selection brings you a little of that timeless feeling, it’s all thanks to the history it encapsulates.

Iulia Apartment
  • Type: three-bedroom apartment
  • Building: 3
  • Floor: 3
  • Total: 128
  • Price: 1.263.500,00 €
Garage included 122.200,00 €
  • Type: three-bedroom apartment
  • Building: 3
  • Floor: 5
  • Total area SQM: 199
  • Price: 1.553.000,00 €
Garage included 122.200,00 €
  • Type: two-bedroom apartment
  • Building: 1
  • Floor: 5
  • Total area SQM: 171
  • Price: 1.850.000,00 €
Two parking spaces included 112.800,00 €

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